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My Roles: Game Designer, Project Manager, Artist, Lead Animator, QA Lead

This is a game about mystery, conflict, and death. For to long, the race known as the lunarii have been subjugated to untold torments by the humans, led by the enigmatic cult known as the Order of the Sceptre. A secret council opposed to the order have contracted a half-human half-lunarii assassin, Umbra, to infiltrate the Order, learn what became of the lunarii they've abducted, and kill their leaders. But the secrets of this age-old conflict run deeper than Umbra realises...

Umbra: Twilight Assassin (Umbra: Assassin du crépuscule in French) is an stealth-based action/platformer in which the player must traverse a treacherous dungeon full of guards. Umbra has access to her skills as an assassin, but also to an assortment of runic powers that allow her to control the shadows and manipulate the environment to suit her needs. With her murderous talents and shadowy abilities, Umbra is a forced to be reckoned with, but so are her foes.