Tabletop Games

In addition to video games, I have worked on numerous tabletop and board games. I am an avid tabletop RPG player, and have adapted several systems for my own games, but I have also worked on creating traditional board and card games based on strategy, bluff, and chance. My specialisation in game and system mechanics translate effortlessly between both digital and physical gaming.


The Don Game

My Roles: Game Designer, QA Lead

The great Don is getting old, and feels it is time to choose a successor. For this reason, he has called the four great families to compete for the right to rule the city. This ancient tradition of battle between the families is ruthless, but it does have rules. The families must amass funds and fight for territory. They hide their actions from each other, but the Don oversees all.

The Don Game is a four person competitive strategy game similar to Risk or Diplomacy, but with a catch: no one knows the true state of affairs on the board. While territories are marked, how many troops and funds the other players have are secrets known only to the Don. Players need to use their funds and troops in time-limited rounds to take control of as much of the city as possible, all the while thwarting the efforts of their fellow crime lords as they do the same. Scheming and deals are a natural part of the game, but as is the nature of organised crime, everyone is ultimately in it for themselves, and betrayal and deceit are inevitable.

La Danse du Dragon

My Roles: Game Designer, Builder

A new year is upon us, and the ceremony of the dragon is at hand! The four guardians of the dragon assemble to complete the ceremony of the dragon and usher in the new year. The one who wins the ceremonial competition shall be the privileged guardian and shall define the dragon's new essence!

Dance of the Dragon (Danse du Dragon in French) is a family-oriented board game of chance and simple strategy. Players take turns rolling one of four dice, each with different probabilities: add a block, recolour a block, swap block placements, or clear out a chain of blocks. The game is done when the dragon is fully coloured, and the player whose colour is most dominant on the dragon wins.


Offworld Ventures

My Roles: Game Designer, QA Lead

A new age of colonisation has begun, and the mega-corporations are vying for control over new untapped riches. Of course, they'll need to beat out the competition if they want to get at them...

Offworld Ventures is a card-based strategy game about conquering planets by building the largest settlement on them. Players take on the rolls of mega corporations and use a combination of resource management, tactical placements, and careful planning to outplay their competition and have the dominating interest over multiple planets. This game's strategy is relatively simple, but offers a large degree of depth and tactical options to ensure that no two games will unfold the same way.


FateWeaver (In Progress)

My Roles: Creative Director, Writer, Artist, QA Lead

FateWeaver is my attempt to adapt (read: completely overhaul) the FATE roleplaying system with a setting of my own design. This system mixes the creative freedom and emphasis on emergent tactics of FATE with the structure and tactical elements of more traditional d20 systems, along with some sci-fi thematics thrown in for good measure. My ambition is to turn this long term project into a fully fleshed out system and setting in its own right that can be adapted to many future adventures.

Core Rulebook (In Progress)

Project Folder (In Progress)


Hell's Rebels Redux (In Progress)

My Roles: Game Designer, Writer, QA Lead

Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune has declared martial law in the freedom-loving city of Kintargo, but his tyranny has inspired the ire of would-be heroes that are prepared to rise up and liberate their beloved city. Though this tale may seem familiar, this retelling has a few twists...

Hell's Rebels Redux is an ongoing project of mine to almost completely redesign the Hell's Rebels Adventure path by Paizo Publishing to better integrate the themes of rebellion and social intrigue into the game's design. This involves a major overhaul of many of the game's systems, and the creation of a great deal of additional content to enrich the city of Kintargo for players that might be looking for rich lore and roleplaying opportunities.