My Roles: Game Designer, Lead Programmer, Lead Artist

This is about one boy's dream to go to space. How does he plan on doing it? Why, with a big trampoline of course! But he'll have plenty of obstacles along his path to the top...

TrampleLean is an action/puzzle game where a player must bounce and dodge obstacles, moving higher and faster with every bounce. While the game is heavily reflex-based, there's an element of strategy in remembering how to navigate the earlier stages of your flight as your speed and altitude reach absurd levels.

Note: I'm currently in the process of remaking this game with original assets and a revised physics system. Expect it to improve singificantly in the near future!

L'Étranger: Il Est Parmi Nous

My Role: Game Designer

L'Étranger was a first person multiplayer action/puzzle game conceived around the idea of emergent design. Players are divided into two groups. One the one side are the humans, who must repair a space vessel before they run out of oxygen, and on the other is the alien, a creature that can take on human forms and intends to kill the crew.

Document de design (français)


My Roles: Game Designer, Project Manager, Lead Programmer

Luminascope is a first person puzzle game conceptualised for Alloprofs as a means to teach young students about the principles of light (reflection, refraction, lenses, and so on). Using a light ray emitter and environmental tools, the player must successfully direct light to solve puzzles using the principles of light.

Document de pitch (français)

Document de design (français)

Reach For The Stars

My Roles: Game Designer, Artist

Reach for the Stars is a simple co-op game that uses stretch sensors as the controller. Players are equipped with paired gloves with a stretch sensor attaching them. These sensors are used to adjust the height and with of the star on screen. Players must adjust the dimensions of the star to match the image on screen for as long as possible (the time restraint decreases with each image).

The game's overall difficulty can be adjusted by how the gloves are set. For an easier experience, one player can wield both of the height-controlling gloves while the other wields both for width. For a bigger challenge, both players would wear one of each, forcing them to cooperate to get the dimensions right.

Demo video for Reach for the Stars, a game done in Processing using Arduino and stretch sensors.


My Roles: Game Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, Artist, QA Lead

Espionage was a mobile GPS-based multiplayer "last man standing" game themed around spying and assassination. Players sign up to participate and begin having no information on who else is playing. Over the course of the game, they must uncover the identities of other players and "assassinate" them using a proximity-based trigger, with the final objective to be the last player standing. In order to collect information, players would be sent to various locations in public areas to collect intel and digital tools to help them set and counter traps.

Espionage was created by a team of 4 over a 3 month period in late 2014. I worked as a UI designer, UX designer, web and documentation content creator, asset artist, user testing specialist, and promotional artist. This game was a collaboration with Liam Davidson, Bethany Dunfield, Alexander Eady.

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