Car Legends Tycoon (Working Title) - October 2017 to Present

My Roles: Technical Game Designer, Game Economy Designer

Build the motor city of your dreams in Car Legends Tycoon! Manufacture fleets of vehicles and collect a variety of iconic cars.

Car Legends Tycoon is, in the simplest terms, a tycoon genre game about building and collecting cars, exploring sides of car culture not often explored by more traditional “car genres”. Your goal is to build a manufacturing system worthy of building cars from a variety of makes and models, from the Mitsubishi Eclipse to the Lamborghini Asterion, and show it all off, of course.

This is also the first official title I’ve worked on since the beginning of production, starting first as a Technical Game Designer and later adding on the Game Economy Designer title. In practice what that means is I’ve been the one largely responsible for implementing the tutorial in its entirety and handling anything related to items and in-game economy balancing and flow (though I don’t do these alone, I do at least have ownership in these aspects of the game). I also contribute to the design and integration of various features, and create/manage a lot of the tools and data we use to build the game.

Early Access Download Link (Android Only)

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Dungeon Hunter Champions - October 2017 to October 2017

My Roles: Technical Game Designer

Rally your Champions and lead the charge to save the Multiverse from the greatest threat it has ever known. Switch easily between PC and Mobile devices, and keep fighting wherever you go with this cross-platform hack 'n' slash!

I originally joined the Gameloft Montreal studio in October of 2017 as a Technical Design intern. While there, my first tasks involved designing and building level encounters for the campaign story mode of Dungeon Hunter Champions. While I did not stay on this project for long before being assigned to my long-term position on “Project Grease”, I did spend this time learning to use Gameloft’s Phantom game engine and various tools of the trade.