My Roles: Creative Director, Project Manager, Programmer, Integration Specialist, QA Lead

Discorder (a play on the words discord and order, two major themes of the game) is a two player racing/platforming game with an emphasis on the idea of competitive cooperation: players are encouraged to work together and compete simultaneously, with implications on the gameplay based on how players choose to focus on. The original concept for the game came from my desire to experiment with the concept of how players might interact with each other if faced with the options of cooperation and competition simultaneously.

As project lead, design lead, and assistant developer, I was responsible for managing the project, producing the documentation, developing the main concept and mechanics, overseeing the design and testing of the game, writing dialogue, conducting sound design, implementing assets, and debugging. In addition to myself, the project team consisted of Maryam Alam, Marvelyn Milan, Andrew Richardson, and Tyler Tremblay.

Demonstration of choice gameplay

Demonstration of obstacle gameplay

In-game dialogue sequences with Phil and Mis Anthropy

Project Plan
Typical Project Meeting Document
Design Document
Voice Acting Shortlist