BITSoc (short for Bachelor of Information Technology Student's Society) is a student-run society to represent the interests of Bachelor of Information Technology Students. Its primary goals are to act as a bridge between students and faculty, promote interaction between the three streams of BIT (IMD, Net, and PLT, or Interactive Multimedia and Design, Networking, and Photonics and Laser Technology), and generally work towards the improvement of the overall BIT experience.

Though BITSoc has existed in the past, it had never been operated as an official society. I (along with Andrew Richardson and Wilhelm "Hannes" Steyn) oversaw the creation of the modern BITSoc, and helped run it as Vice President during its first year and second years of operation (2013-2014 and 2014-2015 respectively). I was also the Treasurer during the first year. As Vice President and co-founder, I was responsible for setting up the groundwork for documentation, organisational structure, and general management practices for the organisation during its formative period. Our goal was to create a society that would remain sustainable for future generations.

As a result of BITSoc's efforts, BIT students now enjoy access to a student lounge, can purchase BIT branded clothes and patches, can participate in regular events and contests, and have a means of engaging with their fellow BIT students through various BIT-exclusive extracurricular activities.