I am fully trained in the use of Autodesk Maya 2014 and 2015 for 3D graphics and animation. I have working knowledge of vector mathematics, MEL script, Python, animation principles, kinematics, rigging, weighting, audio for animation, motion capture, soft-body animation, facial animation, procedural animation, blend shapes, and particle/cloth/fluid/hair animation, and rendering. On this page are several examples of my work.

Facial blend shape animation demo. Audio is from Portal 2. Done in Maya 2015

Car chase demo. Assets outsourced, animation by me. Done in Maya 2014

A demo of a custom made voxeliser script for Autodesk Maya. The voxeliser can be used to replace objects with several cubes (or other basic shapes) assorted to make the same shape. Done in Maya 2015

M16 rifle 3D animation demo. Model and animation done by me. Done in Maya 2014